New York: The dream of all people

This is the first English article of the group “TheGameTV“. Today we will talk about New York and some of its curiosities.  /  New York: The dream of all people

1# New York for Artists

A lot of famous singer has been in New York but often nobody has known it. We don’t talk about singers like Madonna and Ariana Grande (which are famous all over the world)… We mean artists like Modà and Laura Pausini! Who are they?

The modà and the musical fiction filmed in New York

The “Modà” is the most famous band in Italy… In 2011, they arrived second at the Sanremo Festival and in the same year, they published “Viva i romantici” (their most famous album) who sold over 1 milion copies (only in Italy)… The “MTV Europe Music Award” was given to the Modà.

In 2014, the Modà did a world tour and all the dates got sold out in a short time (also in New York).

In 2015 they created four musical videoclips that formed a musical fiction! This is the first episode, listen!

2# Cameras around New York

We all know that people’s dream is to go to New York at least once… But if you don’t have the money how can you go in NY? An answer to this problem exists but it isn’t the same thing… A lot of website can help you to see every city with some cameras!! An example is Earth cam

Try to watch TIME SQUARE

All the cameras are in 4k! These are some of the photos taken by the cameras:

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